About me

You might be shocked amazed to see how our neat finnish language looks, so here is few lines in english about some essentials for international visitor also.

I am a photographer living in southern Finland. Currently I focus mainly on themes like products, interiors, exteriors, cityscapes and some landscape too. I do also panoramic photos, sometimes consisting of dozens of exposures. You can browse my portfolio images from main menu links. Click the images bigger.

I shoot most of the images (excluding any studio-type works) in ambient light and I tend to do heavy postprocessing to them.

The camera brands I use currently are Canon and Sony, but I don't have any ideological ties to any brand. I try to make the best use of money, and I also sometimes use stuff like Tamron's Adaptall lenses from 1980's or some other lenses with M42-adapter. If your photography process can give up some modern stuff like electrical features and autofocus, you will find out how pleasant some vintage manual lenses can be, and some of them are real optical gems. The ability of using ambient light is also valid method to keep some costs down. I also have some Canon and Sigma lenses, some L(uxury)-series, focal lengths vary from 10mm to 400mm. Along with the cameras and lenses, I have also wide variety of tools and gadgets and thingys to make some aspects of the photography process more reliable and smooth.

Postprocess work is done by using the latest industry standard software like Photoshop and Lightroom (Windows). Also, depending on the type of project, there is several other specific targeted tools and plugins utilized quite heavily.